I love art.

The process of creating is good for me in different ways.

I use inner and physical strength. 

Creating is a time to reflect, feel and heal.

Focusing on my work is positivity for me.

It is my therapy. 


"Step 2" & "Untitled - Movement" - showed at Gallery 1313 - September 2019

"See the Person" Story in Book September 2018

Am a Poster Person for Epilepsy Toronto released in 2018

"Brain Project" - July - December 2018

Union Station

"Amari Thompson Soiree"  August 2018

Epilepsy Toronto at Globe and Mail Centre

"Telus Health Brain Project" July - December 2017

Nathan Phillips Square


"Amari Thompson Soiree" - August 2017

Globe and Mail Centre


TIFF Celebrity Only Lounge

Q presents LA Times Photo Studio and Ferragamo Lounge


North York The Mirror - May 25, 2017


"Brain Project back to raise funds for Baycrest"




Toronto Guardian - May 25, 2017


"The Brain Project auction artists' sculptures in support of Baycrest" https://torontoguardian.com/2017/05/brain-project-2017/


Inside Toronto - May 23, 2017


" The Telus health brain project is back in Toronto"





The National Post - July 29, 2017


"No Brainer"




Epilepsy Toronto BULLETIN magazine - Spring/Summer 2017